Preview images while writing blog posts with MarkDown and ImgUR

I love simple things and when someone makes a product that is easy to use and solves a problem, it makes me happy. Case in point, something you might have never heard of. http://imgur (pronounced imager). It’s a service that hosts your photos so that you can post them on the web…say on a blog post, twitter, etc. So there’s plenty of image uploaders out there, but the problem this one solves is when I’m writing a blog post for say some other website. I like to use markdown, while I’m writing, but unless I put the images on a server or create an actual post, there’s no way for me to preview the images WHILE I’m writing the post.

Upload to ImgUR

So I use Imgur to upload my screenshots, etc. and then write the post using Markdown…my current favorite editor for MarkDown is BBEdit, although TextMate works pretty well. While I’m editing, I can pull up a live preview and see my article with the pictures as I’m writing it. There’s something to be said for WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get), when writing things. Plus, I can post images in places where I can’t usually place an image. Another nice feature is that it gives you metrics so you can see how many times your images have been posted. So what are you waiting for? check it out.

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