Advantages of Creating Subdomain Shortcuts

Creating sub-domains gives you the ability to create shortcuts to special files, folders or websites. Say for example that you’re working with a freelance client and you want to point them to a folder on your site where they can see their new redesign. You could tell them. Go to which is tough to remember and long to even try and say over the phone. With a subdomain shortcut, you can simply tell them to go to and the server will automatically redirect them to the same folder.

That can also be powerful when your redesign a site. Depending on how you set up your server, sub-domains have the power to act as real domains. So I often use a subdomain like for site redesigns. With most web hosts, you can put the redesign files in a folder and then simply redirect the main url to the new folder when your site is finessed…that way you don’t even have to move files from one “staging” server to a real server.

You can often create a sub-domain to a file or page, so you can do something like or The possibilities are endless. Subdomains are a power-tool for web pros so if you haven’t tried, it’s something you should definitely check out at your Web Hosts.

Here’s a video from my series on Managing a Hosted Web Server that shows you how.

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