Add a markdown plug-in to WordPress

In the last year or so, I’ve switched from writing posts in regular HTML to writing them in markdown. It’s a shorthand language for writing HTML that is great for writing blog posts…think about it HTML is great for coding pages, but when you have to write an article in HTML you have to remember to open and close your tags. Markdown makes this easier by allowing you to post in shorthand.

Shorthand for experts

Instead of typing in paragraph tags, just use two carriage returns. Want to write a list? use bullets. The language is not only designed to make it easier to write, but also make it easier to read. You should definitely take a look at markdown if you’re interested in speeding up your bloggin workflow.

##What is Markdown?
Markdown is a script that was originally written by John Gruber. It was originally written in Perl, but a Markdown plug-in exists for WordPress that will let you use it to write your posts.

Author: Ray Villalobos

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