Volume Slider Graphic–Download Fireworks Original

I’m working on a lesson on how to create a custom volume slider with JQuery UI…and I needed some custom graphics. This might change by the time I code it, but if you want to you can get the Fireworks Vector PNG so you can use it for your own projects.

A Volume Slider created in Adobe Fireworks

I love Fireworks…it’s the most often ignored part of the Adobe Suite…I liked it before it was Adobe’s. The best part is that is that it’s the best combination between Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop with what I love the best about both. It draws like Illustrator and creates bitmaps like Photoshop. You can apply any effects to your graphics like you can with Photoshop, but without the annoying way Photoshop creates layers.

» Download Fireworks PNG
(you might need to right click)

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