WordPress Newbie Tip…control length of posts on homepage

If your WordPress site is set up to show the full length articles on the homepage, you can add a continue reading after a specific paragraph by adding a < --more--> tag after a paragraph. The paragraph will show up on the homepage and the rest of the article will be on a clickable link. Here’s a video on how to do it. Read more on the link below

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Advantages of Creating Subdomain Shortcuts

Creating sub-domains gives you the ability to create shortcuts to special files, folders or websites. Say for example that you’re working with a freelance client and you want to point them to a folder on your site where they can see their new redesign. You could tell them. Go to http://iviewsource.com/clients/clientname/projects/website/redesign which is tough to remember and long to even try and say over the phone. With a subdomain shortcut, you can simply tell them to go to http://clientname.iviewsource.com and the server will automatically redirect them to the same folder.

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View Source: Creating a Photo Rotator with JQuery Cycle

I love the JQuery tagline…write less, do more. It’s a perfect summary of what the language is about. JQuery is a JavaScript library that makes it easier to add interactivity on your projects. The nice thing about JQuery is that it takes care of dealing with browser inconsistencies and gives you great way to access the DOM (Document Object Model). You can do amazing things in just a few lines of code.

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View Source: Adding breadcrumb links to your WordPress sites

This week in View Source, I show you how to modify your functions.php file in WordPress to add breadcrumb URLs to your pages. This is a great way to improve the readability of your URLs and improve your Search Engine Optimization. It’s fairly easy to do, but be careful, because adding PHP code to your pages. can be tricky.

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