It’s time to add Less/SASS to your workflow

Getting started on something new can be challenging…especially when there’s competing technologies that do similar things…it makes it tough to choose which one to give our precious time to learn. One of the hot new trends in web design is CSS pre-processed languages and there’s two big ones vying for your attention. Less and SASS are ways of writing CSS with a syntax that allows you to use features not yet available with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)…features like variables, nesting, conditionals and more.

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Your social network

Facebook didn’t seem that big to me until some years ago. I was running a network of websites for a group of radio stations and I noticed that traffic was starting to wane suddenly without significant changes to the site. After some research, I found the problem…DJs had suddenly discovered social media. They were no longer promoting our station website, but instead getting people involved in their own profiles on Facebook and Twitter…and the people listening were also shifting from a more active role on our own site to spending more time on other social networks.

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Mobile Device Vector Artwork

Been working on some jQuery Mobile projects and needed to draw some mockups for a presentation, so I had to draw a series of vector mockups. Here they are in Illustrator PDF format. One group mimics what you can find on the front of and the other has some sample interfaces to show how things adjust when you rotate or present the same thing on different devices.


A JSON Tutorial. Getting started with JSON using JavaScript and jQuery

Javascript has grown from a way to add interactivity on your page, to a language that lets you perform tasks that once belonged to servers. JSON provides for an easy way to create and store data structures within JavaScript. It’s super popular and a great alternative to XML. JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation…it’s called that because storing data with JSON creates a JavaScript object. The JavaScript object can be easily parsed and manipulated with JavaScript.

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